First pro-contract and upgrading your car

16th September 2016 by Guy Horchover

Do you want to be driving a more impressive car now that you are no longer an Academy player and have your first full contract? The answer is probably, yes, of course you do. Why not, you have earned it! With an expensive car you will see your insurance premiums increase. The reasons that your premiums are higher are numerous:

• It is a more expensive car, therefore more expensive to mend if you damage it. As you might be going faster, the damage could be worse too

• The car goes faster and is more responsive, with less driving experience you can get into trouble faster

We know that you just want to drive and not to worry about your insurance, which is why you should call ProSport Insurance. We will provide you with excellent service and advice on cover, with a 24/7 helpline and a dedicated account manager. And that’s not all - we have a panel of quality insurers with good products and we offer very competitive prices for sports people.

At this stage in your career you shouldn’t need to worry so much about premium. If your lifestyle allows you to go for a weekend of golf in Portugal, build it into your insurance cover at the outset, you don’t need the hassle of changing things mid-term or having nagging doubts about whether or not you are covered.

Whatever your choice of car/or driving needs - ProSport Insurance can and will back you with it. Call us today on 0222 333 1076

Best wishes,

Guy Horchover

Head of ProSport