Career Ending Injury Insurance

8th August 2016 by Guy Horchover

ProSport Insurance Services are often asked if we offer Career Ending Injury Insurance and Income Protection Insurance for professional sportsmen and women. The answer is yes. ProSport Insurance Services have a strong tradition of providing this cover and can assist people in a wide range of sports; including Football, Rugby (union and league), Cricket, Horse and Motor Racing, Athletics, Boxing, Triathlon – the list goes on.

For me, having played many sports - rugby at a good level and Sunday morning league football, as well as Cricket, Skiing and Squash etc - I have seen a few injuries in my time. Injuries have happened to me, my team mates, opposition and when I have been present as a spectator. Most of the time the injuries are superficial but I have witnessed a few career ending injuries and once even a life changing one (not something I would ever wish to see again). Having played sport and worked in insurance I can see that Career Ending Injury Insurance is an obvious and straightforward way of protecting a professional sports persons income in the event that the worst happens. You only have to do a quick search of the internet to come up with many names of players/sportspeople whose careers were cut short by injury.

With a new season of winter sports fast approaching, now is the time to set up a policy so players can start anew with confidence. A career ending injury or income protection policy will provide you with a degree of peace of mind that if the worst were to happen and your sports career was shortened due to injury you would at least have some financial protection. The benefits of one of these policies (which could match your contracted income), should you have to claim, could allow you to transition to a new career and reduce the financial pressures on you during this time. Consider the potential impact on finances and lifestyle.

The cost of cover depends on each athletes age, professional sport and the level of cover they require. If you are a sportsperson thinking about protecting your income or future earning potential, please call Joe or Andrew on 0333 222 1076 or e-mail them at to contact you for a policy quote. We will need to know the details (below) of the individual (do not e-mail them to us), so please have this information ready when we speak with you:

• Name

• Club/Sport


• Contract length

• Gross annual salary

• Details of any significant injuries in the past 24 months

Premiums are normally quoted as a percentage of the benefit amount. If you would like a quote or have any questions please call us and we will do our best to help you.

Kind regards,

Guy Horchover

Head of ProSport

You focus on the sport and we’ll focus on the insurance!