As a professional sportsperson you push your body to the absolute limit to be the best, and should the worst happen, it is important that both you and your family are protected.

Career ending injuries are an unfortunate fact of life, and the pain of no longer being able to play is often compounded by a stark financial reality. At ProSport we offer bespoke career ending cover that pays out a lump sum or regular income, so you have time to think about the future. Clubs can also take advantage of this type of insurance, covering salaries and protecting their assets if players are unable to continue playing due to injury.

Our policies are underwriten by Lloyd's on an individual basis and cater for different ages, sports and cover requirements. Our experienced team of current and former sports professionals understands the importance of having the right cover in place and is waiting to help you get everything you need. 


  • If you can no longer play any sport or work in any other field, we will pay you a career ending lump sum.
    Permanent Total Disability (PTD)
  • If you sustain an injury that leaves you temporarily unable to participate in your chosen sport, you will receive regular payments for a contracted period of time.
    Temporary Total Disablement (TTD)


  • Each individual plan is written specifically to meet your unique requirements, so you get a fully tailored policy.
    Bespoke Cover
  • Each policy can include a number of high level benefits to suit your lifestyle and income.
    High Level Benefits
  • The cover that we can offer has no set limit, so get a bespoke policy that's tailored to suit your lifestyle and earnings.
    No Set Levels of Cover
  • Depending on your sport or personal circumstances you may need to defer your benefits for a certain period of time. We have no set periods so we can design cover to suit you.
    No Set Deferral Periods
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