Looking forward to the new ’66 plate

16th August 2016 by Guy Horchover

I was talking to a group of rugby players the other day about buying a new car when the new ’66 plate comes out, there was quite a bit of excitement around – some of the younger players were looking at the sports end of the market and others, with a mind on insurance premiums and the practicalities of life in general, were thinking about more ‘staid’ but none-the-less aspirational cars to drive. The youngest one in the group, from the academy, listened in quite envious, his car was low-powered and quite old (it had been his Aunt’s). I am sure it won’t be long until this particular player is looking at more expensive car models, he is quite a talent. As a professional sportsman with some money behind you it is exciting to buy a new car but the insurance premiums that go with it can often be the opposite. ProSport Insurance Services was set up to offer competitively priced insurance from good providers. The view of many insurers is very negative towards professional sportsmen and women. The reasons for this might be:

• Lack of driving experience

• Lack of No Claims Bonus

• Transition from a low powered car to something much more powerful

• Giving lifts to other players and the potential for a claim as a result of any injuries to a passenger, especially if a famous one

• Their competitive nature

• Long journeys at strange hours

• Expensive kit

The list goes on.

A few days ago an ex-professional footballer friend of mine was talking about his friends who are still playing and what their plans were for new cars. Given that these players were a bit older and with families they were looking at larger 4x4’s and a smaller car (or two) for ‘running around’, I suggested that they contacted us on 0333 222 1076 for a quote. I was pleased that we were able to help them all with their car insurance – all ages*, any sport. ProSport Insurance is one of the UK’s leading providers of car insurance for sportspeople, that also offers customers a dedicated account manager with a 24/7 service. Using our first class relationships with good quality insurers, ProSport are able to treat sports professionals as a ‘standard risk’, so that they can sidestep potential extra costs levied by other providers that could be applied because of their occupation.

This is a busy time of year for sports people from all fields, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Athletics, Cycling/Triathlon etc. but when it is time to buy a new car ProSport can help reduce the pressure. If you are buying a new car (or have a friend/playing colleague who is) give us a call on 0333 222 1076 for a quote. That way athletes can concentrate on the sport and we’ll concentrate on your insurance.

Whatever your sport good luck for the new season, good luck if your season is drawing to a close or if you are in Rio: have a blast and do yourself proud!

Best wishes,

Guy Horchover

Head of ProSport


*subject to insurer criteria