Why consider private medical insurance?

2nd February 2017 by Guy Horchover

If you’re a sportsman, self-employed or a parent, private medical care offers rapid access to state-of-the-art treatments and facilities. In addition, as a claimant you have a choice over who delivers care and where.  At its most basic, private medical insurance pays out for private treatment if you fall ill or are injured.


Few insurance products can claim to be as genuinely life-changing and potentially life-saving. Surprisingly, the private medical insurance market has appeared reluctant to promote this positive message. For example, ‘Which?’ recently reported the Association of British Insurers figures: “Around 5.1 million UK residents have health insurance, with the industry paying out £7.4m in claims every day”.


Is private medical insurance right for me?

If ever you’re diagnosed with an illness or injury that requires treatment, you’ll need to ask yourself whether you can afford to be on a waiting list before your road to recovery starts.


Whether you’re self-employed or have young children to look after, falling ill can have a detrimental impact on your day-to-day life, especially if you’ve been referred and put on a waiting list to have treatment by your GP. Ask yourself these questions:

Can I afford the time away from work?

Will I be fully fit and able to give my children the time they need?

What will the impact be on the time away from school should my child need treatment?

What’s covered?


The solution

We’re delighted to be working with General & Medical, a specialist provider of health insurance to sportspeople and non-sportspeople alike, to offer private health insurance to our customers. All policies give you cover for in-patient treatments in your chosen hospital including MRI and CT scans, nursing care, physiotherapy and surgery, and more. Subject to the level of cover you’ve chosen, you’ll also have access to some out-patient benefits such as subsequent diagnostic tests and consultations, physiotherapy and complementary medicines.


Depending on what level of cover you choose, your policy can also cover you for the following;

Basic or enhanced cancer cover

Various cash benefits

Enhanced out-patient benefits

Maternity cover

Dental and Optical cover

24/7 Health & Wellbeing services and counselling helplines

24/7 GP advice line

Plus much more


Take a look at what General  & Medical have to offer and find a level of cover that’s tailored to your needs. With eight different levels of cover to choose from, you’ll be sure there’s a policy for you. Plus, if you choose to add any children under the age of 21 to your policy, you’ll only pay for the first child - the rest will be covered for free.


Best wishes



Guy Horchover

Head of ProSport