Retired Sports Professional

22nd November 2016 by Guy Horchover

As your career winds down you may well look at a new career. From our experience we know there are a wide range of options:

• Sports coaching / management and administration

• TV / journalism / after dinner speaking

• Teaching / mentoring

• Setting up your own business – whether coaching or something unrelated to sport

• Working for a business – we know people in law, insurance, building, finance etc.

As long as you are still driving you will still have specialist motor insurance needs, especially if you are in media or sport management. ProSport can help advise in making your insurance as efficient as possible.

ProSport insures many retired professionals from many different sports. These talented individuals, their interests and vehicles often demand specialist attention because of the complexities of their business interests, their past and their current careers. They are comfortable working with the ProSport team as they have been dealing with us for a number of years while they have been playing their sport. Why not join them and enjoy the benefits of working with ProSport too?

If you are going into a new industry – building, electrician, accountancy, haulage, restaurants, bars etc., you will have a range of other issues to think about. Being part of the Brightside Group, we can call upon a wide range of expertise for all your business and vehicle needs. Call ProSport on 0333 222 1076 for a free quote, there is no obligation to buy – you have nothing to lose. However, when you do buy from us we will provide great service, good products from quality providers and competitive prices.

Kind regards,

Guy Horchover

Head of ProSport